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Commercial HVAC

American Veteran Heating & Air is a licensed and insured commercial HVAC contractor

When you own a commercial building or multiple commercial properties it is your responsibility to ensure that the people in those commercial holdings are comfortable throughout the year. Make the right impression on potential investors, employees, tenants and customers by maintaining comfortable temperatures in all your commercial properties. With the help of the commercial HVAC experts at American Veteran Heating & Air you can ensure complete comfort in your commercial buildings no matter what the weather is like outside. Contact us today for more information. We want to help you succeed in all your commercial ventures.

American Veteran Heating & Air is a licensed and insured commercial HVAC contractor offering the highest quality service in the Colorado Springs, Co area. With professional expertise, skilled experience, and extensive knowledge, American Veteran Heating & Air provides superior service for any commercial HVAC project.

Our technicians are skilled in commercial HVAC repair, service and installation. From restaurants, drug store chains to commercial businesses, American Veteran Heating & Air is up-to-date with all certifications and training needed to service any manufacturer’s equipment in your business. Whether you need high quality preventative maintenance or professional commercial HVAC repair, American Veteran Heating & Air technicians have the knowledge and experience needed to keep your office or business comfortable and inviting for your customers.

Commercial Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning Repair American Veteran Heating & Air offers commercial HVAC repair from simple part replacement or equipment installation through to major repairs or complete commercial system installation.

As a leading commercial HVAC contractor, we have extensive experience and specialized knowledge to perform the most comprehensive repair. At American Veteran Heating & Air, we also understand the importance of efficiently functioning systems for a number of businesses and industries. Downtime in heating or cooling could lead to lost revenue and unhappy customers, but American Veteran Heating & Air is dedicated to getting your system up and running as quickly as possible.

With 24-hour emergency repair and weekend availability, American Veteran Heating & Air is licensed, insured, and prepared to provide the commercial HVAC repair you need when you need it. Our team of NATE certified technicians arrive in fully stocked trucks in order to deliver the best service in a timely manner. American Veteran Heating & Air has experience repairing, servicing, and replacing top brands of commercial systems of any size. American Veteran Heating & Air is committed to serving the needs of our clients and exceeding their expectations. Commercial Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning Installation With extensive experience, American Veteran Heating & Air has the expertise needed to deliver effective solutions for any commercial HVAC installation problem. We provide comprehensive commercial repair and installation along with a commitment to customer service through honesty and integrity, so that your business can trust in the service we provide.

As a leading HVAC contractor, we are able to repair or service a commercial system of any size, but we also have the knowledge and experience needed to determine when a system needs to be replaced. We will operate with urgency and efficiency to get you an estimate quickly and the installation done right before your business is affected even more. We guarantee the highest quality results through innovative products and exceptional service.


We work with all types of commercial equipment including:

  • Canopy hoods, island hoods and proximity hoods
  • All types of ventilation
  • Make up air units/supply fans
  • Exhaust fans
  • Ductwork
  • Commercial kitchen HVAC systems

Our Union-trained technicians know this equipment better than anyone else—and we know how to optimize it.

Superior Technicians, Superior Results

Unlike most Colorado Springs area ventilation companies, American Veteran Heating & Air goes beyond NATE certification. We require extensive additional Union training for our technicians, and we take a results-oriented approach to your ventilation. Our specialists understand how air moves through your building, and how workflow moves through a kitchen line. That means we provide ventilation solutions that meet all your needs, including:

  • Ergonomics and efficient workflow for your staff
  • Clean, high-quality air for both workers and guests
  • Ample replacement of exhausted air with fresh outside air
  • All equipment is configured to maximize safety in your restaurant

These fine-grain considerations don’t just make your restaurant a more comfortable place to be. They also improve hood performance, control energy costs and extend equipment lifespan. That adds up to lower operating costs and a higher return on your investment.

What We Offer

American Veteran Heating & Air offers comprehensive repair and installation services for kitchen hoods, commercial kitchen ventilation, and restaurant equipment. Our services include:

  • Sales and Installation. We deal only in new, reliable, high-efficiency units. Our team will help you choose the right exhaust volume and hood style for your kitchen’s design and appliances. We take a scientific approach to airflow to make sure that your finished kitchen will perform flawlessly—and save you money.
  • Maintenance. Regular maintenance visits mean your ventilation equipment is clean, effective and operating at full capacity. This keeps energy costs low and improves equipment lifespan. We offer regular maintenance as well as emergency 24/7 maintenance calls.
  • Servicing & Repairs. Any performance problem with a kitchen hood can cause work stoppage, disturbance to customers, and a health and safety risk in your business. We offer both emergency and non-emergency repair calls– and our large inventory of in-stock parts means we get the job done quickly.
  • 24-Hour Readiness. Our emergency repair team is available 24/7 and works rapidly to minimize downtime for your equipment.



According to a recent report, the commercial kitchen ventilation system market is set for major growth over the next decade. As technological advancements improve, employees demand better working conditions, and environmental regulations tighten, the demand for ventilation systems will only grow.

Just some of the benefits to upgrading or installing the proper commercial ventilation system for your building are:

Proper air flow in your restaurant kitchen

If you already own a restaurant or are looking into setting up a restaurant kitchen for the first time, you are well aware of the importance of proper ventilation. Choosing the right exhaust hood, making sure your HVAC system works with your ventilation system, and placing your kitchen equipment in the right spots are all essential in creating healthier environments, better tasting food, and reducing the risk of fires.

 Better working environments

Eliminating harmful fumes in your restaurant kitchen helps provide a better working environment for your staff. Bad air quality can cause mold, mildew and bacteria growth along walls and ceilings, which not only result in failed health code inspections, but can potentially cause health problems for those breathing in the contaminants.

 More regulations

Aside from the fact that proper ventilation systems in commercial kitchens are necessary to run better, healthier operations, potential strict regulations regarding VOC emissions are driving restaurants to update their systems. Getting ahead of those regulations now will prevent headaches down the road and in the meantime, you can benefit from cleaner working environments and better tasting food.

Restaurant ventilation is a science. The ventilation setup in your kitchen determines air quality for customers, worker safety, lifespan of expensive HVAC equipment, and ultimately how well your restaurant runs. Whether you’re installing ventilation in a new space, replacing old hoods, or need repairs and servicing, you require a professional who understands how to optimize your air flow—and your air quality. You need American Veteran Heating & Air.

Eliminate These 6 Expensive Problems in Your Restaurant

Ventilation is a delicate balance. Any air removed by your exhaust systems must be replaced with fresh ‘supply air’ air from outside. The units that provide this supply air are known as ‘make-up air’ units and they have to be configured to match your hoods. In general, about 90% of exhausted air has to come from make-up air units, and the remaining 10% will come naturally through the building. This creates gentle, positive airflow that keeps air quality high for both guests and workers.

But many kitchens don’t achieve that balance—and the results are expensive. If your operation is experiencing any of the six problems below, you have an airflow problem and it poses a threat to your bottom line.

  1. Drafty dining room. We’ve all eaten in a restaurant that seems mysteriously drafty. It’s a small peeve at first but can quickly ruin the dining experience—especially in fine dining establishments. In almost all cases, the problem is not enough supply air to the kitchen. The make-up air unit is overworked, so air has to rush through the restaurant to replace what’s being exhausted from the kitchen. A simple fix can end drafts for good.
  2. Kitchen odors. The smell of freshly cooked food is a mouth-watering sensation—but not every scent coming out of your kitchen is so welcome. In a properly ventilated restaurant, smoke and cooking smells stay in the kitchen, even if it’s an open design where patrons can see the chefs.
  3. Excessive grease. How much time does your staff spend cleaning after a shift? If it takes more than a few minutes to remove grease, there’s a good chance your ventilation is underperforming—either the hoods don’t have enough exhaust volume or there isn’t enough supply air. A simple fix or upgrade and most of that grease will vent outside where it belongs.
  4. Backdrafting/smokey kitchens. Does your kitchen appear hazy or have a strong smell? Do workers cough over food or complain that there’s too much smoke? This is more than just an inconvenience—it’s going to result in health problems sooner or later. Eliminating smoke is the first and most important job a ventilation system does. If yours isn’t doing it, we can help.
  5. Low air pressure. Low air pressure means doors can be hard to open and guests may experience sudden gusts whenever someone enters from outside. This is annoying—and easy to fix.
  6. Poor HVAC performance. Did you know that poor ventilation can affect HVAC performance? HVAC is meant to heat and cool, but it has to perform triple duty if a kitchen has poor ventilation. The result is high energy costs and a unit that may breakdown

American Veteran Heating & Air is a leader in Colorado Springs commercial restaurant ventilation installation and repair. We have a record of delivering highly effective, reliable and energy-efficient ventilation systems for various restaurants in the area. We hold our technicians to higher training standards and understand airflow dynamics in your commercial kitchen. Every job we do comes backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

American Veteran Heating & Air can solve your kitchen ventilation problems—or prevent them from ever happening. Contact us at (719) 208-5721 or fill out the “Contact Us” form and talk to an expert today.

Other Commercial HVAC Services

If you hope to get the best, most efficient performance possible from your commercial HVAC equipment you should schedule your commercial HVAC installation service with a qualified, professional company. American Veteran Heating & Air has been helping commercial property owners keep their commercial buildings efficiently, effectively heated and cooled for years. When you need commercial HVAC installation services call the local HVAC experts you can depend on.

At American Veteran Heating & Air we offer the following installation services to keep your commercial property comfortable throughout the year:

  • Commercial HVAC Systems Installation
  • Indoor Air Quality Systems Installation
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Rooftop HVAC Units
  • Server Room Cooling

A commercial HVAC system is big and complex. The only way for you to be sure that you purchase the equipment most appropriate for the size and design of your building is to work with a professional. Call American Veteran Heating & Air today to get the right HVAC system for your commercial property. Our commercial HVAC installation services will get your system off to a great start.

If the time has come for a full or partial commercial HVAC replacement, give us a call. We can find the best replacement model for your unique commercial property. From the sizing of your commercial HVAC system to the installation of your new equipment, you can rely upon American Veteran Heating & Air.

We Also Offer Commercial HVAC Maintenance & Repair

Keep your new commercial HVAC equipment operating in an effective, affordable manner with the help of the commercial HVAC maintenance team at American Veteran Heating & Air. Commercial HVAC equipment is put under an enormous amount of strain, and all that hard work can take a toll on the condition of your HVAC system. With regular, professional HVAC maintenance though, you can keep all of the components of your Commercial HVAC system operating properly. Only then can you be sure that your commercial HVAC system is operating effectively and at maximum efficiency.

Even with routine maintenance, though, it is just a matter of time before some commercial HVAC repair service is needed. Commercial HVAC maintenance can minimize the frequency and severity of problems with your system, but eventually you will need to schedule commercial HVAC repair service. When you do, call American Veteran Heating & Air. We have the years of training and experience necessary to handle any commercial HVAC repair that your system may need.

American Veteran Heating & Air understands your commercial building needs, and your priorities as a business. Our business is providing solutions that not only clear up your air problems, but help you reduce risk, lower expenses and save money.

Talk to a Colorado Springs area Commercial HVAC Expert

Don’t let just anyone handle the installation, maintenance, ventilation, and repair services that your commercial HVAC equipment requires for efficient, reliable performance. American Veteran Heating & Air provides efficient, dependable solutions that are set up for proper airflow from the start. Find out how we can help your restaurant or commercial building. Call (719) 208-5721 or fill out the “Contact Us” form and talk to an expert today. We’ll make sure that your Colorado Springs commercial HVAC services are completed with the skill and expertise that only a professional can provide.