Water Heaters

Gas, Electric and Tankless Water Heater Installation

Even during the hottest summer day, you deserve the comfort of a warm or hot shower rather than being forced into a cold one. American Veteran Heating & Air provides professional water heater repair, service and new installation that will keep your water at the temperature you prefer. With quick service times and effective water heater repair, American Veteran Heating & Air provides affordable water heater service throughout the Colorado Springs, CO area. If you want to improve the efficiency of your hot water system, a new hot water heater may be the answer. Our team will help you determine which water heater is best for your needs, then install it professionally to keep your family comfortable and your water warm. With a new, more efficient water heater, you will even notice your energy bills dropping. Water heaters are something we rarely think about when it comes to plumbing, until there is a problem. Whether your water heater is leaking, making noises or just stopped working, our team of professional plumbers offer electric and gas water heater installation, repair, and replacement services in the Colorado Springs, CO area. We will help you select a model that meets the needs of your home and specifications.

Factors to Consider Before Performing a Water Heater Installation or Replacement

If you’re in the market for a new gas or electric water heater, there are a variety of things to consider when selecting which unit is best for you. Gas and electric water heaters are about equally common, yet each offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages. One benefit of electric water heaters is they don’t require venting of the combustion gases the way gas water heaters do. However, electric water heaters can be more expensive to operate and often do not heat cold water as quickly as a gas water heater does. However, if you are doing a water heater replacement, your choices may be limited depending on what kind of unit you already own. Typically, the expense of changing from one energy source to another can be cost prohibitive.

Can We Provide Tankless Water Heater Installation Assistance?

Tankless or “On-Demand” water heaters on the other hand are a great alternative to traditional tank water heaters because they provide unlimited, continuous hot water. Additionally, using electricity, gas, or propane as a heat source, tankless water heaters, in some cases, can cut your water heating bill by 10 to 20 percent by eliminating the energy that gets wasted from warmed water sitting around unused in a gas or electric tank water heater. Tankless water heaters also require less space, less service and less energy than the older tank water heaters. We offer tankless water heater installation and maintenance options to homeowners in Colorado Springs, Colorado and other locations. However, keep in mind that many water heater problems can be repaired by a qualified technician. In fact, all components on a water heater can be fixed or replaced except for the tank. If you are having an issue with your existing unit, contact our professionals to confirm if it is possible to perform a gas or electric water heater repair. Unfortunately, once the tank busts there is no way to repair it and an electric or gas water heater installation is the only solution. If you are in need of gas or electric water heater repairs or if it’s time to upgrade your current system, give our expert technicians a call. At American Veteran Heating & Air, we can repair all water heater models including the latest tankless water heaters. If you are in need of a gas or electric water heater installation, we also carry all the top water heater brands.

Gas, Electric and Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

We all use water heaters in our daily routines for things like showering and washing up. And because we use them so often it is important that we make sure we invest in water heater maintenance on a regular basis in our homes. It is common for water heaters to wear out or breakdown and monitoring this is an important task. In Colorado, we have many different types of water which requires maintenance and monitoring of our water heaters regularly. Sometimes, hard water builds up large amounts of calcium (at a rapid rate) inside a water heater and annual flushing of the heater is important to prevent blockages. Annual maintenance and flushing of your water heater will help stop the calcium from building up into large rocks that get stuck in the system and cannot come out of the water heater. Flushing your water heater annually prolongs its life and allows you to monitor the water temperature. It also allows you to detect rusting of your heater – when there is a build-up of rust, you need to replace the water heater. Water heater maintenance is important for safety – there are safety devices on a water heater that should be tested at least once a year. For example, it is important to test the relief valve of your water heater to prevent anyone from being scalded or burned. The average life of a water heater ranges from eight to twelve years, but what if we told you that you could prolong the life of your system by doing routine maintenance?

The Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

Increased Efficiency

Calcium build-up is very common in water heaters and can be a major contributor to making your system less efficient. The build-up of loose minerals settles on the bottom of your water heater making it more difficult for the water heater to produce hot water. In a gas water heater, these minerals can create hot spots that cause tank damage and failure. In an electric water heater, these minerals can cause the lower heating element to fail. Flushing and maintaining your water heater regularly will result in increased efficiency.

Saves You Money

Flushing your water heater at least once a year or every six months (if possible) will likely save you money on your next utility bill and will result in hot water quicker. When you flush your water heater, you contribute to reducing your home’s energy use because draining your water heater helps to ensure that it is functioning properly and clean water heaters use less energy.

No Surprises

Maintaining your water heater helps you to avoid surprises such as cold showers or coming home to a flood in your home from a broken water heater.

Extends Life

If you annually or bi-annually tune-up your water heater, you can extend the lifetime of your water heater.

Maintain Full Volume

Sediment and mineral build up in your water heater can reduce the volume of water that the tank is able to hold. By carrying out a simple tune-up, you are able to get full use of the water tank and increase the hot water volume of your water heater.

Gas, Electric and Tankless Water Heater Repair

American Veteran Heating & Air offers water heater repair to address any potential issue. Our certified technicians have the knowledge and skill needed to quickly repair water heaters of any top brand. As a leading HVAC contractor, we have over 23 years of effective experience in water heater repair and service, in addition to extensive knowledge for selecting and installing new water heaters. Whether you simply need to get hot water back in your home or you want to upgrade to a more efficient water heater, American Veteran Heating & Air is here to help.

Certified Water Heater Repair

American Veteran Heating & Air is licensed, certified and dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers before anything else. Our team of NATE certified technicians are highly trained, skilled, and able to address any water heater issue you may have. From water heater repair to new water heater installation, American Veteran Heating & Air provides great service at a low price.

Can We Fix It?

With over 23 years of experience, American Veteran Heating & Air has the expertise needed to identify the problem with your water heater and deliver a solution that will be fast, effective and affordable. Our technicians arrive in fully stocked service trucks so that you can have hot water back in your home as quickly as possible. American Veteran Heating & Air provides comprehensive water heater repair. Our team is committed to customer service through honesty and integrity, so that our clients can trust in the service we provide. We have the knowledge and skill needed to repair or service any make or model water heater, but also the experience needed to recognize when a water heater has reached the end of the line. In those situations, American Veteran Heating & Air offers free estimates on a new water heater and professional water heater installation in the Colorado Springs, CO area. American Veteran Heating & Air is also available for a free second opinion if you are skeptical of a quote from another water heater repair company. We guarantee honest service with the best water heater repair or installation at a good price.

Commercial Water Heater Repair

American Veteran Heating & Air also offers commercial water heater repair, service or installation. We have extensive experience in equipping commercial businesses with the right size water heater for their office or building. We understand the demands on a commercial water heater and the importance of hot water for your customers and are available for fast, effective service when you need it. Our team of technicians are highly trained and certified so that you can trust in the level of service you receive.

Gas, Electric and Tankless Water Heater Replacement

Your water heater should be cleaned and checked once a year. We usually recommend having us look at it in the fall while we are cleaning the furnace. We typically inspect for gas leaks, carbon monoxide, and venting/combustion air issues. In most cases we can flush the storage tank to try to clean the sediment out of the bottom. Lastly, we look at the overall operation to make sure the water heater is operating safe and efficient. If it is time for a new tank we can handle your water heater replacement the same day in most cases. If your water heater is leaking, making loud noises, or just not working please call us 719-208- 5721. We can diagnose the problem and in most cases repair or replace it the same day. If the tank is 10 years old or older, it might make sense to install a new one. After 10 years or 3650+ days of constant use, a water heater can be pretty worn. How? The gas valve does not heat the water hot enough. The burner gets clogged up with dirt and rust. The tank starts to build up sediment and other junk in the bottom. The anode rod becomes completely worn out. The tank may even be rusting or cracking in areas. If you need a water heater replacement, we can do it! For a proper water heater replacement you will need to call a licensed HVAC company. We are highly trained in gas fired appliances, and we are licensed to obtain a permit with Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. Please call us for more details.