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Boiler Maintenance

Every winter, your boiler becomes a vital component of ensuring a warm, comfortable building. Although maintenance cannot prevent 100% of problems with your boiler, it can certainly reduce the number of times you have to call for help. Routine maintenance on your boiler can also help to increase the efficiency of your equipment and give you peace of mind that your system won’t be shutting off in the middle of the night. At American Veteran Heating & Air, we provide quality boiler maintenance services in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

This is why the highly trained and experienced technicians at American Veteran Heating & Air provide professional boiler services to our customers in the Colorado Springs area, including routine maintenance. We maintain boiler burners of any age and design from all major brands, regardless of which fuel they operate on. Contact Us to schedule burner maintenance for your natural gas, oil, or coal boiler today!

Of course, at the heart of your boiler is the burner system, which requires special attention if you hope to keep your heating equipment operating flawlessly for years to come.

Our Burner Maintenance Services

At American Veteran Heating & Air, we’re problem solvers. We take pride in our ability to inspect your burner system thoroughly and diagnose any intricate problems we find along the way. With a few adjustments, we can set your boiler up for another winter of efficient performance.

Some of our burner maintenance services include:

  • Inspecting and cleaning the heat exchanger, igniter, atomizer, electrodes, and other components
  • Checking the pump pressure, vacuum readings, safety controls, and limits
  • Measuring CO2 levels and exhaust temperatures
  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Checking start-up burner operation
  • Minimizing air leakage to ensure optimal combustion

Join Our Boiler Maintenance Program

The burner is just one component of your boiler that requires preventative maintenance. Make sure you don’t fall behind on this important service by signing up for a ComfortClub Membership from American Veteran Heating & Air. Whether your primary goal is to reduce your boiler’s operating costs, control emissions for compliance purposes, or enjoy peace of mind, now could be the time to schedule burner maintenance with American Veteran Heating & Air. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another commercial HVAC company with the same impressive experience and professionalism that we possess.

Boiler Repair

If you live in Colorado, you rely on home heating to stay comfortable for about six months out of the year. When your boiler starts acting up, you don’t want to wait hours or even days for a repair technician to arrive. That’s where American Veteran Heating & Air comes in. We have over 23 years of experience offering boiler repair to homeowners. Let our Union-trained technicians perform the work you need for fast, long-lasting results.

Boiler Repair Services

You might feel nervous calling a company to work on the equipment you need for home comfort half of the year. You need the job done right the first time around. To ensure your peace of mind when you choose American Veteran Heating & Air, we offer several guarantees, including a no-nonsense parts and labor warranty, and a customer service guarantee. In the end, we’re not happy until our customers are 100% satisfied!

Here are some of the boiler repair services we offer our customers:

  • Leak Repair
  • Circulator Pump Repair
  • Thermostat Repair
  • Diaphragm and Motorized Valve Repair
  • Fixes for Gurgling or Banging Noises
  • Corrections for Pressure Loss Issues

When to Repair Your Boiler

Boilers are made to last, but they still break down occasionally. Here are some common reasons our customers call us for boiler repair:

  • Home comfort problems: Whether your boiler heats inadequately or creates hot and cold spots around your home, these comfort problems can be remedied with professional repair services from American Veteran Heating & Air.
  • Pilot light won’t stay lit: Depending on the type of boiler you have, the equipment may rely on a pilot light to ignite the burners. If the light keeps going out, a thorough cleaning may be needed to remove built-up deposits and fix the issue.
  • Strange sounds: Gurgling and banging are typical boiler sounds caused by low pressure or air in the system. Don’t ignore these noises, or they could develop into worse problems and more costly repairs. Our heating experts can remedy strange boiler sounds with a quick visit to your home.
  • Heating bills are on the rise: Performance issues could be causing your heater to run inefficiently. A repair is often all you need to restore more reasonable energy bills.

Boiler Installation

Tired of dealing with an inoperable boiler? Or, maybe your heating system is only heating half the rooms in your home? Whether you need a new boiler system installed or an existing unit repaired, there’s only one name to know—American Veteran Heating & Air. With more than 23 years of experience handling heating problems, our team at American Veteran Heating & Air has the experience and know-how to get any heating issue diagnosed and resolved quickly and efficiently.

Boiler Installation You Can Count On

You rely on your boiler to heat your home and provide it with hot water. So if your boiler breaks or stops working efficiently, you need an experienced HVAC contractor who’s well-versed in boiler installation to replace your unit as soon as possible. At American Veteran Heating & Air, in Colorado Springs, CO, our boiler installation services are designed to keep both your comfort and budget in mind. We offer a variety of makes and models, and we’ll be happy to help you select the new boiler to best fit your home.

What Does Boiler Installation Cost?

We at American Veteran Heating & Air believe it is vital to install the equipment we sell to our customers. This helps to protect your investment and ensure that the manufacturer warranty will be effective, if you need it. For your convenience, we combine the cost of the new boiler and installation into one estimate. Ask us about how we can make the buying process less stressful.

Fortunately, once you are ready to make a choice, our team can often install the next day, with project completion within a day or two. Cutting down on your wait time minimizes your inconvenience and gets you feeling the warm air sooner.

Boiler Replacement

For Colorado boiler replacement, call the experts at American Veteran Heating & Air. We have built up quite a reputation for the level of customer service that we deliver and the quality of work that we do. We’re available 24/7 for boiler services and we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty for all of our services. No matter what type of boiler you’re interested in, our experts can help you find the right one for your home and make sure that it is installed correctly. We are dedicated to your comfort and to our workmanship. For boiler replacement services, contact our team today!

Signs You Need Boiler Replacement

Boilers are one of the most common and popular heating systems in America. They last for a long time and deliver efficient and comfortable heating. We know how important it is to keep your home comfortable, which is why it’s so important to get professional replacement services. Here at American Veteran Heating & Air, we provide complete boiler replacement for all types of boiler systems. Whether you have a hydronic floor system or hot water radiators, our experts can help you decide when it’s time to replace your boiler. Here are a few of the telltale signs that could indicate necessary replacement.

  • Age of your boiler: If your boiler is old and has started to require frequent repairs, it is likely time to replace your boiler. In some cases, continuing to repair your boiler might not make much sense if it’s just going to break down again.
  • Water leaks: Because your boiler uses a lot of water, it is likely that it will spring a leak at some point. While these types of issues can be repaired, it could indicate that you need to replace your boiler system.
  • Strange noises: When your boiler starts to make a strange noise, it likely needs some attention. While certain noises could mean that your boiler just needs to be repaired, it might be a problem that warrants replacement.

What Does Boiler Replacement Cost?

Since homes are so different, it should not surprise you that boiler replacement cost can vary quite a bit. If you need new heating equipment, our Service Technicians will identify the best choices for your home. At American Veteran Heating & Air, we offer a variety of quality systems that you can consider. Our competitive pricing and commitment to your satisfaction may put your worries to rest.